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Criw Cymraeg



We have elected 15 enthusiastic members to our Criw Cymraeg Council - a pupil led initiative to promote incidental Welsh and a Welsh ethos within the school. Each member is passionate about the Welsh language and heritage and has lots of ideas on how we can drive Welsh forward in Gwauncelyn, ensuring that the school's vision for Welsh has a high focus. 


Y Criw Cymraeg or 'Welsh Crew' have an important role within the school. Some of their jobs include:


  • Helping to promote a Welsh ethos and the Welsh language. 
  • Ensuring that pupils enjoy learning Welsh through daily Helpwr Heddiw sessions and weekly Welsh lessons.
  • Encouraging pupils and staff to communicate through the medium of Welsh.
  • Ensuring that pupils understand that Welsh is an important part of our culture.
  • Leading Welsh assemblies.
  • Helping to plan and organise special Welsh celebration days/events such as Shwmae Day, Dydd Santes Dwynwen, Dydd Gwyl Dewi, Yr Eisteddfod etc.

Meet our Criw Cymraeg 2022-2023

Targedau Y Wobr Arian - The Silver Award Targets

We are currently working towards achieving Y Wobr Arian (The Silver Award) and the Criw Cymraeg have decided that they want to focus on Target 9 - Welsh across the Curriculum. During our meetings we will discuss how we can ensure that Welsh across the curriculum is evident in order for us to achieve each of the objectives within Target 9.

Targed 9 - Welsh across the Curriculum

Hwyl yr Hydref Cluster Schools Sports Festival Autumn Term 2022


Our Criw Cymraeg members recently took part in a Cluster schools sports festival at Llwyncrwn Primary School called Hwyl yr Hydref. It was a great opportunity for the children to make new friends from other schools, have fun and use Welsh naturally in an informal situation. The children played a carousel of fun games such as Cadeiriau Cerdd (musical chairs) where they had to follow the instructions being called out such as neidiwch, rhedwch, cerddwch, sgipiwch and move around the chairs to the music - allan meant you were out! There was a Gêm Targed (Target game) where the children had to throw beanbags at various Welsh landmarks. Each landmark was worth points and the children had to count up their score at the end of the game in Welsh. Gôl i Gymru was a relay game which involved dribbling a football between some cones and then shooting it into the goal. The children had to count up the number of goals scored in Welsh. There was also a Gêm Gwisg Ffansi (fancy dress race) where the children had to put on lots of fancy dress clothes and then run to a cone and back. They practised the names of clothes in Welsh and used the sentence pattern Dw i'n gwisgo to say what clothes they were wearing. The children were very wedi blino at the end of the day but they all left with big smiles on their faces and were keen to do more Welsh activities like this again in the future.

We achieved the Siarter Iaith Bronze Award in the Summer Term 2022!

The Welsh Continuum

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