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Eco Council

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Our Eco Code

Our plans for 2022-23! 


This year we have chosen a range of areas to develop and some that have continued from last year! Litter is a huge focus for us as an Eco Council, keeping our school grounds tidy and clean. Here is our Action Plan.....


1. Litter - Keep our school grounds and community clean 

2. School Grounds - Help develop our wildlife areas 

3. Global Citizenship - As a school, take part in Fairtrade Fortnight

4. Biodiversity - Have a wildflower area in school 

5. School Grounds - Build a bug hotel 

6. Waste - Putting bins around the school/yard to encourage composting

Gwauncelyn's Action Plan 2022-23

Trip to Bryn Pica Recycling Centre


During our trip to Bryn Pica we were able to see how our rubbish in RCT is recycled. We learnt about how the different materials are sorted by the workers and why it is important to separate the rubbish. We even had a go at sorting the recycling ourselves! 

Trip to Bryn Pica

Litter Picking 


In the Spring and Summer terms we are hoping to litter pick regularly to keep on top of the rubbish we are finding around the school. Lots we find has been blown in from the surrounding area, so we think it is important to keep our school clean! 

Litter Picking

Fairtrade Fortnight


We presented a whole school assembly to talk about the benefits of buying Fairtrade products and what that means for the workers who help to grow our foods. The Eco Council came up with questions to include in our survey for the children across the school to complete in order to see what kinds of Fairtrade products we have in our homes! 

Fairtrade Fortnight

Woodland Trust Tree Planting Scheme


At the end of last year we applied for the Woodland Trust Tree Planting scheme which offered us the opportunity to order a large amount of tree saplings. We planted the saplings around the borders of the school and will be checking on them throughout the year to see how they are getting on! 

Tree Planting

The Big Seed Sow! 


We have been waiting for Spring to sow our wild flower seeds! We had three large bags of wildflower seeds which we took out and planted in the woodland area and one of our large planters to help with new growth. We hope they will grow successfully and encourage more wildlife to visit our school grounds! 

Overview of our year in the Eco Council 2021-22


Here are a selection of photos to show all the wonderful activities we took part in! 


  • We worked with RCT Council to encourage the public to clean up after their dogs by creating posters and working on a film talking about why we need to look after our walkways. 
  • For Walk to School Week we made a class list of who had walked to school throughout the week - Ardderchog Class 9 for being the top walkers! With a total of 181 walkers including pupils and staff it was a great success! 
  • Road Safety Week - Year 2 & 3 had a fantastic time designing posters to explain why we need to keep our roads safe for children. We all went on a community walk to see what safety signs we had in our local area around the school. 

2022-23 Round Up!