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Gwauncelyn Primary School


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Welcome the the Nursery page!


Nursery Team: 


Mrs Hogg, Mrs Davies, Mr Sanders, Mrs Williams and Mrs Hearse.


Contact Details: 

Mrs Hogg -


Snack will be provided by the Nursery at a cost of £1 per week. Please could this be paid in full at the start of each half term. The children will have a choice of toast, cereals, fresh fruit, yogurts, crumpets.

Things to bring to school....

Spare Clothes 

Please ensure that your child has a spare set of clothes/underwear in school everyday in case he/ she has a little accident at school. Having their own set of clothes to change into at these times makes the situation less upsetting for your little one.


Packed Lunch   

If your child will be attending the Hollies wraparound facility in the afternoon then they will require a packed lunch.


Waterproofs and wellington boots

We enjoy lots of lovely outdoor activities daily but sometimes it is wet and muddy. We don’t want the weather to spoil our outdoor experiences, so please can you Provide wellington boots and a waterproof outfit/ all in one for your child. These will be kept at school on your child's peg. 

Read Write inc.

The Children will be learning to hear, say and recognise a letter sound every week, we will be following the Read Write inc process which will help them when they move up through the school.

Nursery will be listening out for lots of different sounds in our environment to begin with then will move on to letter sounds. Please do not worry if your child finds this tricky, all children develop at their own pace. Please also only help them with the sound they are working on and previous sounds as we want the children to move on with confidence. 

Have a look at Ruth Miskins Read Write inc website which will give you lots of advice about sounds and techniques. Any further advice please see a member of staff.

BEAR CLUB (Be Enthusiastic About Reading)

BEAR Club is designed to engage and enthuse your child about reading. Reading is such an important skill. Building a strong and positive relationship with books will really help your child’s reading development.

Your child will have the opportunity to choose a book of their choice to take home to read. It will be a chance to cuddle up and discuss the illustrations and the story you have read. This will lead your child to associate books with warm, happy times spent with you and to promote their love of reading.

Please could we remind you that NO jewellery or nail vanish is to be worn to school.